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One of my favorite PC Optimizing tools ever. SpeedyPC Pro is a well known registry cleaner, but not only a registry cleaner, but powerful malware remover too.

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Let SpeedyPC Pro Manage System Resources

manage system resource with speedypc proWith the millions of things your computer has to do at one time, its no wonder that it can get itself is a tizzy. And usually what this means is that the performance of your computer suffers.

And sometimes it’s because there are some unwanted processes run in the background that you’re unware of.

So what SpeedyPC does is hunts down these little suckers and eliminates them like the little pains that they are.

SpeedyPC Pro Can Protect Your Privacy

speedypc pro privacy protectionSince your computer stores a lot of information on it, it can mean that others (if they know what to do) can find this information and use it against you or even worse use it for fraudulent activities.

Well, this is where SpeedyPC Pro comes into play and removes all traces of your confidential or private information. So it elminates credit card, passwords and other personal information.

Web Browser Optimization

Regardless of what web browser you use, (ie) Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera you will often get Browser Helper Objects poppoing up that from time to time can be useful, however at other times can in fact slow your browser down. OMG – I know, but SpeedyPC Pro can disable these things from happening, which in turn will help speedy up your surfing experience.

Speed Up File Recall With SpeedyPC Pro

Your PC is constantly performing hundreds and thousands of tasks a second, store it’s information on the hard drive where ever it can and as fast as it can, however because of this it also has to keep track of where it stores the information. And because the files are stored where ever it can, it can slow the recall of files when Windows needs to use them again.

SpeedyPC Pro will defrag the hard drive which in turn will better place the files so that recall becomes a lot faster.

There another regsitry error that will increase the performance of your computer in a similar way to SpeedyPC Pro and that is Regcure Pro.


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